An extremely large number of less fortunate people in the United States and throughout the world today do not access to proper orthopedic care. Many of these people are from third world countries and suffer pain and disabilities resulting from old fractures that never healed or that healed incorrectly. With your help Huntington Orthopedic Outreach Program (HOOP) will be in a position to eliminate suffering and improve the lives of many needy patients.


There is a great amount of “behind the scenes” work that goes on in an operating room before, during and after the surgeon walks into the room. The technicians and nurses are responsible for unpacking the instruments, supplies, medicine, gowns and gloves. These professionals also set up the room, sterilize the instruments, organize the orthopedic implant hardware, drape the patient, assist the surgeon with the procedure and then promptly turn over the room for the next surgery.

The dedicated and highly skilled doctors not only provide expert surgical care, they also ensure that the skills of everyone involved are being used to the fullest extent possible. Everyone works tirelessly through twelve-hour shifts, performing six or more difficult surgeries and other procedures every day for several days.


The experiences that HOOP alumni have received from working with this philanthropic organization and helping those in need have been profoundly rewarding and life changing. Everyone associated with HOOP is passionate about changing and improving the day-to-day quality of life for as many needy people as possible.

Your generous, tax deductible support will help make it possible for Huntington Orthopedic Outreach Program to fund the qualified professionals, nurses and support staff who assist the volunteer surgeons and to further expand its services to more people in need in the United States and other places throughout the world.